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Knox-Box Rapid Entry System Helping the Fire Department Protect YOUR Property
Fire Departments across the Country use the Knox System to prevent costly forced entry damage while protecting property and saving lives. Knox key boxes, vaults and cabinets hold building entrance keys, electronic access cards and vital emergency information. As the property owner, you purchase a device then mount it near your building entrance or property gate according to Fire Department guidelines. Firefighters use a unique, high security Knox Master Key to open Knox Box devices in their jurisdiction.
Knox Knox
Updated 07/26/2021
Mahanoy City Fire Department
The Knox System at work... It's 2:00am. The fire alarm in your building is ringing and the fire department responds. Rather than reaching for an ax to break down the door, firefighters open the Knox-Box, remove the entrance keys, and immediately enter your facility. Eliminating forced entry means no property damage and no replacement costs for broken windows and forced doorframes or locks. It also means no flying glass to injure firefighters. You arrive on site knowing that you or your representative did not have to get there BEFORE firefighters could enter your building. The fire department has already determined that a small fire was contained by the sprinkler system supply resulting in minimal smoke, fire and water damage to your property. Even before parking your car, you see the fire department has already re-locked the front door and replaced your key inside the Knox-Box. In an era of reduced manpower and funding, your fire department has performed its duties with increased effectiveness and is now free to respond to the next emergency. The minimal expenditure to install the Knox-Box has allowed you, the building owner, to satisfy local fire codes and ordinances (where applicable). But most importantly, the Knox-Box protection provides peace of mind that your building is safe.
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