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Even with the best Fire Prevention, an accident results in a fire. We would like to take this opportunity to answer two of the most asked questions, and provide you with some useful information about what you should and/or need to do after a fire.
Was it really necessary to break the windows and put holes in the roof?

As a fire burns, it moves upward, then outward. Removing windows and cutting holes in the roof, ventilation in firefighting

stops that damaging outward movement of smoke and heat, enables us to locate potential victims, and fight the fire more

efficiently, resulting in less damage in the long run. This procedure also reduces the risk of serious injury to firefighters.

Why did the firefighters put holes in the walls and ceiling?

We must be absolutely sure there was no "hidden" fire inside the walls, ceilings and partitions.

Updated 07/26/2021
Mahanoy City Fire Department